Nothing to do with Bonsai

The only real peace and quiet I get around here is when I am not “around here”. Working from home is to live at work, work begins at the bottom of our stairs. Fortunately I only live half a mile from absolute peace and tranquility. Last weekend I was out with my two hooligan dogs as the sun rose over the river Waveney……


5 thoughts on “Nothing to do with Bonsai

  1. The more space i see in front of me , the more it opens up my mind and soul , it’s not flat if you get down ground level , lay on your back in a corn field , or long grass , it’s a different world down there .. : )

  2. This looks like utter bliss , been looking after sick mum the last few years , sadly she died last Friday , and right now , somewhere like this is just what i need . Time to book a nice relaxing quiet break , and a bit of time to gather myself , and start to get me back again .
    Places like this with their stunning beauty , soothe the mind and body and heal the soul …. Enjoy it G … : )

  3. Very nice Graham, reminds me of a holiday I had on the Broads several years ago…..very serene …..would be nice to do it again !

  4. I couldn’t live in place so flat. That’s not how I see peace and tranquility.

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