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Large Bamboo Shack - Bonsai / Saikei Ornament


Quick Overview

  • A bamboo shack with a thatched roof

  • A large figure than many we have available

  • Beautiful detailing & a nice subdued colour

  • Overall height approx' 80mm. 80mm long. 70mm wide

Large Bamboo Shack - Bonsai / Saikei Ornament

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Chinese Shiwan Figures - Bonsai-sakei ornament.


Traditional hand crafted Chinese Shiwan figurines or 'Mud men are a popular addition to bonsai and landscape (sakei) displays. This intricately detailed figure is of a thatched bamboo shack. Overall height of figure 80mm. 80mm long overall. 70mm wide.

To read more about Mud men click here (information will be displayed in a new window).

Additional Information

SKU FN0014