BAC Foliar Feed Spray Concentrate 120ml

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  • BAC Foliar Feed Spray Concentrate 120ml
BAC Foliar Feed Spray Concentrate 120ml

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  • BAC Organic Foliar Spray 120Ml concentrate

  • Widely considered the best and most effective product available for foliar feeding

  • Fast acting and safe to use

  • Increases chlorophyl production and photosynthesis

  • Dramatically improved natural pest resistance

  • High dilution rate, very economical.



Here at Kaizen Bonsai we are constantly exploring better ways of doing things and improving the health and growth rate of our valuable plants. Over the last couple of years we have been researching and trialling several Foliar Feeding products. Some are little more than a teaspoon of chemical fertiliser dissolved in water sold at an artificially high price. Others have proved to be quite unique and special. By a mile the best product we have found to date is this one by B.A.C (Biologically Activated Cocktail) a specialist nutrient company from Holland. Over more than a decade B.A.C has become one of the most respected manufacturers of high quality effective plant nutrients. B.A.C's Organic Foliar Spray has received extremely good reviews and is generally considered the best product of it's kind available today.

In our own tests we have seen significant improvements after just two applications. On healthy trees the foliage colour has dramatically improved along with more and larger bud production and stronger foliage formation. On sickly trees showing signs of chlorosis we have seen a rapid and significant improvement in colour and overall vigour.

BAC (Biologically Activated Cocktail) Foliar Spray is an amazing three in one organic product that is 99% organic with the other 1% being glycerine, it has a very pleasant smell and is entirely safe for you, your plants and the environment.

1) Plant vitality and vegetive growth is increased considerably due to the fact that chlorophyl production in the leaves is increased through the stimulation of photosynthetic autotrophs(bacteria). With this increase of photosynthetic bacteria your plants become greener and healthier and able to process more carbon dioxide and create more sugars thereby increasing in size quicker

2) Is a spider mite and thrip preventive. Due to the fact that there is a increase of sugars /starch in the leaves, the leaf feeding pest such as spider mite and thrips no longer find your plants acceptable to their diet and move on! To clarify, BAC Foliar Spray will not kill these pests, it will however if used correctly minimise damage caused by them and will certainly stop the use of highly toxic pesticides in your garden, which obviously is something you definitely don't want to do. So definitely start spraying with BAC Foliar Spray because as you may of heard before "PREVENTION IS DEFINITELY BETTER THAN THE CURE".

3) Fungal and Bacterial plant threats like the dreaded powdery mildew, black spot and botrytis that harbour on the leaves and in flowers are wiped out on contact with BAC Foliar Spray.

At 4mls per litre of tap water, one bottle is enough for 30 litres of Foliar Spray solution. A product that is highly economical and should never be discounted in anyone's growing schedule.  

How to Use.

Once weekly during the growing season. Apply by fine mist spray from above and beneath the leaves in the early morning or late evening when light levels are low and the temperature is cool. Use in conjunction with conventional root fertilisers applied in the normal way.

Very safe to use, no mask/filters/respirator needed. 

120ml concentrated product.

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