18 Piece Essentials Bonsai Tool Kit

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  • 18 Piece Essentials Bonsai Tool Kit
  • A great value bonsai tool kit
  • Everything you need to maintain/create beautiful bonsai
  • A great gift for anyone starting out with bonsai trees

18 Piece Essentials Bonsai Tool Kit

Just starting out in bonsai? Baffled by all the tools on offer? Don't worry we have got you covered. Graham has assembled this 'essentials' tool kit for the keen beginner looking for the best value. There's no usless padding here just good honest tools all of which you will both need and use for the creation and maintenance of bonsai trees. Enjoy the satisfaction of using purpose designed bonsai tools and add to the enjoyment of your bonsai hobby.

Hit the ground running and make a massive saving at the same time!

The traditional black tools in this kit are from our best value Basic Bonsai Tools range. Other items are usually available individually across our web site.

Items included are as follows...

185mm Long handle bonsai scissors - Fine accurate pruning scissors
195mm General purpose scissors - Medium duty pruning scissors for heavier cuts
180mm Knob cutter - For the correct dressing of small cuts
180mm Branch cutter - The go to tool for most heavier pruning of roots or branches
180mm Wire cutter - Powerful tip cutting tool for wire up to 3mm in one bite
220mm Rake/tweezers - High quality stainless steel all rounder
215mm Root hook - Invaluable repotting tool for cleaning out soil
105mm Leaf trimmer - For thinning overly dense foliage in summer.
Coir moss brush - Great for cleaning debris from moss soil covering
Bark cleaning brush set 3x - Keep bark clean to prevent moss growth
250mm Moss trowel/spatula - For finishing soil surface and applying moss
Scalpel & 5 blades - For accurate cuts when creating shari etc'
120mm Fine scissors - Ultra fine accurate pruning scissors
400mm folding saw - Small saw for intricate pruning
Pair Bamboo chopsticks- Infinatley useful tool at repotting time

These tools are all contained within a very smart heavy duty canvas/nylon 15 pocket tool roll

We are offering this extensive tool kit at a massive saving over individual item prices.

Minor item specific details or colours may vary from time to time depending upon availability.