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Turkey Oak Large Bonsai Starter Tree - Potted


Quick Overview

  • Turkey oak Bonsai starter tree

  • Well established in their pots for two years

  • Shaping work can begin at any time

  • Planted in plastic bonsai pots

  • 23-25" tall above their pots

  • Very limited availability

Turkey Oak Large Bonsai Starter Tree - Potted

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Turkey Oak Large Bonsai Starter Tree - Potted

We have chosen to offer Turkey oak because of it's superior resilience over English oak. Turkey oak is resistant to mildew, galls and the million other afflictions that assail English oak. Turkey oak is a much tougher tree more suited to growing as bonsai, it's drought tolerant and unfazed by the high root temperatures common in pot cultivation. Thrives in even the harshest conditions, including alkaline soils, polluted air, dry ground and by the sea. A beautiful tree with bright green slightly hairy leaves and extremely fast growing. Leaves reduce in size as twig density increases. These trees have been prepared for bonsai including having the tap root removed. Now established two years in their pots and ready for some shaping work with wire.

Latin name: Quercus cerris
Frost hardy: Yes at least -25C
Position: Best in full sun or light shade
Watering: Water well in summer
Fertilizer: Green Dream Bonsai Fertiliser 3 or 4 times yearly
Re-potting: Repot 2-3 years early April
Winter protection in U.K: None required
Wiring: In summer
Soil type: Kaizen Bonsai No2 or 3
Approximate height: 23-25" above the pot.
The picture shows one of the trees selected at random from our stock. The tree you receive may vary to some slight degree.

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