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Tamarind Evergreen Indoor Bonsai Tree


Quick Overview

  • An excellent small tamarind at a bargain price

  • Rare as bonsai in the UK but a very easy variety to care for

  • Will withstand fairly low temperatures in winter so long as it is not allowed to freeze

  • 19" tall above it's bonsai pot. 16" wide overall.

  • Planted in a glazed stoneware bonsai pot

Tamarind Evergreen Indoor Bonsai Tree

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  • Tamarind Evergreen Indoor Bonsai Tree
  • Tamarind Evergreen Indoor Bonsai Tree


Tamarindus Indica. 

Tamarindus indica is a large evergreen tree native to African regions but now commonly cultivated across the world.T. indica grows well over a wide range of soil and climatic conditions, occurring in low-altitude woodland, savannah and bush, often associated with termite mounds. It prefers semi-arid areas and wooded grassland, and can also be found growing along stream and riverbanks. It does not penetrate into the rainforest. Its extensive root system contributes to its resistance to drought and wind. It also tolerates fog and saline air in coastal districts, and even monsoon climates, where it has proved its value for plantations. Young trees are killed by the slightest frost, but older trees seem more cold resistant. A long, well-marked dry season is necessary for fruiting.

Tamarind as bonsai trees are common in most tropical and sub tropical countries and produce some spectacular specimens. In the UK this species is largely unseen. Tamarind will adapt readily to cultivation indoors or in a cool greenhouse or conservatory. Like most bonsai species do not overwater, allow the soil to dry out a little between waterings. Keep in full sun, a south facing window and ideally a south facing spot in full sun in summer. Rarely needs re-potting but will do very well if planted in Akadama. When stressed tamarind will normally shed a lot of leaves, this could happen due to cold exposure or drought in summer. In winter keep above +4 Celsius.

A nice little tamarind at a bargain price and a great introduction to the species.

Planted in a glazed stoneware bonsai pot.

19" tall above it's pot. 16" wide overall.

The subject pictured is the EXACT plant we will send you. Appearance may vary depending upon the season.

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We do not provide cultural information for this tree other than the above (relevant to the UK climate only). Please ensure you have the skills and facilities to care for this plant in your location before you decide to purchase.

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