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01-Terrier™ The Ultimate Wood Carving Tool For Bonsai 1/4"

"I have spent the last 20 years using carving tools to help create bonsai. Within that time I must have used just about every tool available. Some were very good, most were just not suitable and more than a few were just downright dangerous. In the end I decided to look into producing a tool myself. Following two years of research and development I finally had the cutter I always wanted." Graham Potter

Kaizen Bonsai is very pleased to present this wonderful new wood carving tool. Our design brief was to make a tool that was versatile for working both large and small projects. The cut rate needed to be exceptional but with a very long cutting tip life and above all the tool needed to be safe.

The Terrier™ is CNC machined, on the very latest technology machines, from a solid billet of 302 high carbon stainless steel. This means that the tools body is as strong as possible without being brittle, it's also perfectly balanced (unlike some tools that are made in separate parts) due to the incredibly fine tolerances involved. Fine tolerances mean smooth running which in turn ensures long tip life due to reduced physical load in use. Finally the tool is surface peened to remove sharp edges and improve it's strength. Because of the care we put into the design and manufacture of this tool it's possible to use a fairly long slim shaft safely which helps to make the Terrier™ one of the most versatile tools of it's kind available.

The cutting tips of the Terrier™ are made of the best quality polished tungsten carbide for a fast cut rate and extended life. Polishing allows for faster chip removal and less loading, this reduces operating temperature and increases tip life. Once the tips cutting face does become dull the retaining screw can be loosened and the tip rotated to a new sharp section. In practice you can expect about 20 hours non stop cutting from one face of the cutting tip assuming a hard wood (like box, olive or yew). In average use it will be several years before tips will need replacing.

We designed the Terrier™ with a 1/4" (6.35mm) shaft primarily for the tools safety. This allows use in an array of die grinders and flexible shaft machines such as the Foredom. At just 27g the Terrier™ is approximately 60% lighter than it's nearest rival which allows a faster safe rotation speed and because its almost perfectly balanced it reduces wear on your power tools bearings. We recommend using the Terrier™ at between 15-20,000 RPM which will give the best cutting characteristics and versatility whilst remaining safe and controllable. Higher speeds are possible but the tools character will change as speed increases. Do not use beyond 25,000RMP

The Terrier™ has a 25mm diameter head which allows for great maneuverability and access into awkward to reach areas. A chip limiter prevents the tool from 'digging in' to the work. Unlike some larger tools the Terrier™ has a very responsive cutting action that is very pressure sensitive. A light action produces a fast delicate cut but with a little more pressure the tool bites harder without fear of it 'grabbing' or kicking back like some other tools.

Satisfaction guaranteed. The Terrier™ is going to be a revelation but be aware overuse could lead to your bonsai trees falling apart!
Overall length is 65mm.
25mm diameter cutting head.
Tool supplied pre assembled ready for use.
Replacement cutting tips and screws are available separately.

Don't just take our word for it see what Wood Carving magazine had to say about our tools Click Here

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Read our guide on Important Information on Mounting Cutters in Power Tools

click to see our Insert Screw for Terrier Tools
click to see our Torx Screw Driver For Terrier Insert Screws

Kaizen Bonsai Ltd are looking for a small number of agents to distribute Terrier™ tools around the world. Please contact us for details.

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 01 July, 2008.
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