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Bonsai Starter Trees
There is a thought, particularly among folk new to our hobby, that bonsai trees must be grown from seed and, whilst it is possible to achieve it's going to take a long time. We are yet to see a seed grown tree that is worthy of the name Bonsai that's taken less than twelve years. Growing from seed is a tricky business that takes a great deal of skill and time, most of which is spent doing nothing at all. Not a good recipe for an absorbing hobby!
Here we are pleased to offer a small range of starter material to get you off to a flying start. For just a few pounds you will save at least six years! We have selected these varieties because of their suitability for bonsai, their interest, vigour, disease resistance, foliage form and colour and or flowers. Our starter trees are grown from cuttings or seed and are on average 3-6 years old. We have prepared all of these plants for training as bonsai trees by pruning out their tap roots and filling a small compact pot with fine feeder roots. No other training has been done, these are NOT bonsai trees but viable plants with suitable characteristics for bonsai that need to be grown on and developed by you.
Developing bonsai from starter material will progress much more quickly if you give the tree a lot of root space. We recommend you resist the temptation to put starter trees into bonsai pots. Our starter trees can be potted up to larger pots easily at any time of year and this will increase the growth rate. All of our starter trees (except the large versions) are supplied in 90mm plastic pots.
Our starter trees are perfect for putting into group plantings and forest arrangements.
The pictures alongside each tree species are a random sample of the stock we hold. Because of the very low price of this material it is not possible to photograph individual plants. The height or trunk diameters will vary from tree to tree. However we were very careful to provide a picture that is typical of each type and we're sure you will be happy with the trees you receive. Foliage condition of all plants supplied will vary according to season and may not match the offer photo.
    Product Name+   Price   Buy Now 
 Blackthorn (sloe) Flowering Bonsai Starter Tree   Blackthorn (sloe) Flowering Bonsai Starter Tree
 5.75  Buy Now 
 Cherry Plum Flowering Bonsai Starter Tree   Cherry Plum Flowering Bonsai Starter Tree
 4.95  Buy Now 
 Crab Apple Bonsai Starter Tree   Crab Apple Bonsai Starter Tree
 5.95  Buy Now 
 Cryptomeria Evergreen Bonsai Starter Tree   Cryptomeria Evergreen Bonsai Starter Tree
 5.95  Buy Now 
 English Native Dogwood Bonsai Starter Tree   English Native Dogwood Bonsai Starter Tree
 3.95  Buy Now 
 Italian Alder Bonsai Starter Tree   Italian Alder Bonsai Starter Tree
 4.95  Buy Now 
 Japanese Barberry Flowering Bonsai Starter Tree   Japanese Barberry Flowering Bonsai Starter Tree
 7.50  Buy Now 
 Japanese Larch Bonsai Starter Tree   Japanese Larch Bonsai Starter Tree
 6.75  Buy Now 
 Japanese Maple Bonsai Starter Tree   Japanese Maple Bonsai Starter Tree
 8.75  Buy Now 
 Lonicera Evergreen Bonsai Starter Tree   Lonicera Evergreen Bonsai Starter Tree
 5.95  Buy Now 
 Portulacaria Indoor Bonsai Starter Tree   Portulacaria Indoor Bonsai Starter Tree
 6.95  Buy Now 
 Privet Bonsai Starter Tree   Privet Bonsai Starter Tree
 4.50  Buy Now 
 Rosemary Leaved Willow   Rosemary Leaved Willow
 5.45  Buy Now 
 Sabina Juniper Bonsai Starter Tree   Sabina Juniper Bonsai Starter Tree
 5.95  Buy Now 
 San Jose Juniper Bonsai Starter Tree   San Jose Juniper Bonsai Starter Tree
 6.95  Buy Now 
 Turkey Oak Bonsai Starter Tree   Turkey Oak Bonsai Starter Tree
 8.95  Buy Now 
 Wild Pear Bonsai Starter Tree   Wild Pear Bonsai Starter Tree
 6.75  Buy Now 
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