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Indoor Bonsai Trees

At Kaizen Bonsai we know from experience you get what you pay for. We take great care in the selection of our indoor bonsai trees and actually pay more for our trees than other bonsai traders. This gives us the pick of the crop and ensures you get the very best quality bonsai trees available from us! We obtain our trees in small batches of similar size and shape specimens so the tree you see pictured will be very close to the one you receive though all plants do vary to some degree.

Keeping indoor bonsai is a great way to start in this fascinating hobby without the expense usually associated with Outdoor Bonsai Trees. Indoor Bonsai Tree varieties are not generally frost hardy but most will do very well outside in the summer months.  For more information on the care of bonsai trees see  Bonsai Basics probably the best book on the subject of care and development of bonsai trees.

All of our bonsai are clean, healthy, well pruned and regularly fertilised and will arrive at their destination in good condition. We take care to groom the trees before they leave us, this includes scrubbing and polishing the pot, washing the trees trunk and top pruning where required. Our packaging system utilises almost entirely re-used recyclable packaging that ensures your purchase arrives safely. We use a next working day courier and GUARANTEE that your tree will arrive safely.

"My experience of Kaizen Bonsai? Tree ordered at noon, delivered the following morning at 9 in perfect condition. Excellent products at competitive prices combined with outstanding service to customers. Congratulations, Graham and Catherine, you are the gold standard among bonsai traders. So, I'll be back. Well done!" J.H - U.K


  • Cultural information in the listing is based on our experience growing the species here in the UK.
  • A basic care sheet is included with each Indoor Bonsai.
  • Trees are shipped in seasonal condition and may look different from the images displayed on the listing.
  • We guarantee to deliver your tree safely and in good condition.
  • Please note that due to customs restrictions Bonsai Trees CANNOT be sent to the UNITED STATES or non-European Union Countries.
  •  If you are unsure about receiving trees please ask before ordering
  • Concerned about receiving trees by post? Find out more

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  1. Houseplant Myst 100ml - 300ml

    Bonsai Foliar Feed & Pest Repellent - House Plant Myst™


    • Houseplant Myst is part of a new generation of plant care products manufactured in the U.K.
    • Foliar feeding of plants offers significant advantages for plant health
    • Allows the fertilising of recently potted or sickly plants
    • Significantly improves pest and disease resistance
    • This ready to use solution provides nutrients, enhances growth, repels pests and conditions leaves
    • Trigger spray bottle ready to use
    • 100ml, 300ml and 750ml sizes available
    Learn More
  2. Ginseng Ficus Bonsai Tree - Indoor Bonsai Tree

    Ginseng Ficus Bonsai Tree - Indoor Bonsai Tree


    • Impressive powerful stocky bonsai trees
    • Perfect for indoors year round in a bright airy spot
    • Beautiful deep green shiny leaves
    • Perfect if you are new to bonsai
    • Trees are supplied in glazed ceramic bonsai pots (colour may vary)
    • On average these are 12" tall above their pots. 12" wide overall.
    Learn More
  3. Bonsai Misting Sprayer

    Bonsai Misting Sprayer


    • Pump action mist sprayer for houseplants
    • Simply fill with water or nutrient solution and pump the plunger to produce a beautiful fine mist
    • Attractive frosted glass bowl
    Learn More
  4. Pony Tail Palm - Bonsai Palm Tree

    Pony Tail Palm - Bonsai Palm Tree


    • Beaucarnea Recurvata, Pony Tail Palm
    • A great small palm tree suitable for cultivation indoors
    • Approximately 12" tall overall
    • Supplied in a plastic bonsai pot & drip tray as pictured
    • Learn More
  5. Chinese Holly Indoor Bonsai Tree

    Chinese Holly Evergreen Indoor Bonsai Tree


    • This tree is a mid-sized evergreen Chinese holly (Ilex Microphylla)
    • A good sized tree that is very well developed and of superior quality
    • Trees are approximately 10 years old
    • Trees are supplied in glazed ceramic bonsai pots (colour and style may vary)
    • Included is our detailed basic care leaflet that will help you understand how to provide for the trees simple needs
    Learn More
  6. Bonsai Focus Balanced Bonsai Fertilizer

    Bonsai Focus Balanced Bonsai Fertilizer


    • Bonsai Focus Balanced Bonsai Fertilizer
    • Available in 2 sizes, 100ml and 300ml
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