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Large Handmade Unglazed Rectangular Bonsai Pot


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  • One off clearance item exactly as pictured

  • The pot in the pictures is the exact item we will send you

  • This pot may be new old stock or previously used, see notes on condition below

Large Handmade Unglazed Rectangular Bonsai Pot

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  • Large Handmade Unglazed Rectangular Bonsai Pot
  • Large Handmade Unglazed Rectangular Bonsai Pot
  • Large Handmade Unglazed Rectangular Bonsai Pot


  • Manufactured - Yixing, China
  • Shape - Rectangle
  • Finish -Unglazed
  • External dimensions - 510x390x158mm
  • Condition - Unused new old stock. Drying crack on inside base, does not pass through.

Cooling cracks, drying cracks or dunts as they are known in the ceramics trade typically appear as a crack in a pot. Dunts happen when tensions within the clay body cause fissures to open. This can happen for a number of reasons, usually when the pot is being dried after manufacture and shrinkage causes part of the body to fissure. Dunts can also appear during initial biscuit firing due to expansion or contraction and thermal shock. Although usually occurring during cooling dunts can also be caused by excessively fast heating rates. Heating dunts can be recognised by rounded edges to the cracks as the glaze matured after they occurred, whereas cooling dunts have sharp edges. Dunts are not uncommon in bonsai pottery and should not be confused with cracks, fractures or other damage caused buy impact. Small dunts, particularly in the base of a pot can be completely ignored and will not cause failure of the pot even during extreme freezing conditions. Even though a pot has a significant dunt it will still have a good ring when suspended and tapped indicating that the pot is not cracked or broken.

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