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Japanese Digging Hoe/Mattock


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A strong lightweight digging tool that, as is the way with Japanese tools, is absolutely brilliant at doing just that. Whether you are weeding a border in the garden, planting vegetables or digging prize yamadori from the mountains this tool should be at hand.

Japanese Digging Hoe/Mattock

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  • Japanese Digging Hoe/Mattock
  • Japanese Digging Hoe/Mattock
  • Japanese Digging Hoe/Mattock


One side is a wide sharp blade that cuts through the heaviest soil with ease. Its also great for chopping holes in turf, through dense roots and even slicing thick tree roots. The other end is a hardened steel pick that is perfect for working in stony ground picking out and levering large stones and rock. The head of this tool is hand forged hardened steel. The handle is hard wood and fits into the head via a tapered socket for security and strength. Considering the strength of this tool it's remarkably light weight at just 400g. Perfect for your rucksack!

Made in Japan.

375mm Overall length.

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SKU CT1007