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Golden Privet Bonsai Tree


Quick Overview

  • Nice little starter privet bonsai

  • A rare variety in bonsai circles

  • Planted in a nice unglazed stoneware bonsai pot

  • 13" tall above it's pot. 15" wide overall.

Golden Privet Bonsai Tree

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  • Golden Privet Bonsai Tree
  • Golden Privet Bonsai Tree
  • Golden Privet Bonsai Tree
  • Golden Privet Bonsai Tree


Golden Privet Bonsai Tree
Ligustrum Ovalfolium Aureum is native to Japan. Semi-evergreen and fully hardy. Probably the easiest and most forgiving species for bonsai cultivation available anywhere. Likes full sun or partial shade, loads of water and fertilizer and regular re-potting into a fairly close and moisture retentive soil. Train with wire at any time. Prune new shoots back to 3 leaves before the new growth begins to harden at the base. Attractive sprays of white flowers in late spring once mature.

A nice little golden privet, early days but coming along nicely.

13" tall above it's bonsai pot. 15" wide overall.

Planted in a nice unglazed stoneware bonsai pot.

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