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Dwarf Hinoki Cypress Large Bonsai Starter Tree


Quick Overview

  • Fantastic stocky little evergreen perfectly suited to bonsai cultivation

  • Just a little wire and a clip out turn these into very impressive bonsai

  • Hinoki do very well living in bonsai pots

  • Very limited availability of these excellent little trees

Dwarf Hinoki Cypress Large Bonsai Starter Tree

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We have just a few of these beautiful trees available so be quick!

The picture shows one of our trees, randomly selected, clipped out around the base to show the trunk better. The tree you receive may vary to some small degree.

Latin name: Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Nana Gracilis'
Frost hardy: Yes at least -15C
Position: Partial shade out of drying summer winds
Watering: Keep evenly moist
Fertilizer: Green Dream Bonsai Fertiliser 2 or 3 times yearly
Re-potting: Infrequent, mature trees repot 3-5 years as buds swell in late spring
Winter protection in U.K: None required
Wiring: Possible with care but not recommended.
Soil type: Kaizen Bonsai No2
Approximate height excluding the pot: 10-12" - 25-30cm and 8-10" - 20-25cm wide

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