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Chinese Guo Hua Painting Stone & Daiza


Quick Overview

  • Chinese Guo Hua Painting Stone & Daiza

  • A large and impressive stone with beautiful colours

  • Overall dimensions of stone are 165mm high, 145mm wide, 60mm deep.

Chinese Guo Hua Painting Stone & Daiza

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A very beautiful Guo Hua stone nicely polished and beautifully detailed. The flat viewing face of this stone really sets of it's stunning details and rich colours. This impressive stone encapsulates the magic of a winter landscape perfectly.

Cao Hua (Guo Hua ) viewing stone form in the Wu Xuan town near Liuzhou, Guangxi. The natural stone stripes and patterns represent beautiful landscape colours, exotic flowers, rare herbs, ancient pine forest, mountain, lake and streams. The quality is fine and smooth, rich colour with a lacquered surface.

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