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Just in case you missed it I have a lot of video content on Youtube and embedded right here. Most of those were made a few years back before we became as successful as we have now and before we got so busy. It’s not been possible to do anything for a couple of years now. Back then it was pretty much easy to do as you like and so I put lots of, what i think, is cool music on the vid’s. However that’s now become an issue (copyright) and so we have had to remove most of it. That’s left a lot of crap videos with even crappier soundtracks. I am so sick of dealing with Yt and their bullshit and having my content relentlessly ripped off that I will be removing all of the content over time.

One of the issues we had when making these vid’s back then was a 10 minute time limit imposed by YT. That left out pretty much all of the good stuff. A lot of the videos run to an hour or more in their unedited form. By and large we still have all the original footage and it would be nice if we could get that all put into a new production for folk to see. The problem I have is that I hate doing that sort of thing and am crap at it too. I also have full 12 hour days every day and don’t have a minute to give to such a project. Therefore I am looking for help…….

If you are a grown up sensible person with a proven track record of dealing with these matters, know bonsai and can deal with an opinionated asshole like me then we need to talk. Over the years I have been seen off, ripped off and peed all over by a large number of idiots so don’t be surprised if you are not initially welcomed with open arms.

Now theres a pitch for a project 😉



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  1. I’d like to add the fact that it’s your vids of tree transformations on YT that got me into bonsai for good. And I thank you for that!!
    They also brought me to your website to purchase tools and a lot more… keep up the good work, big hug from Canada.

  2. Thanks for the follow up Graham. I don’t know about other folks thoughts but the music (that was pretty well chosen by the way) was just a bonus to me. I guess we don’t care about it if it makes things complicated. We value the work you do on a tree way more than a sound track!! And we don’t care having missed cuts or a few thumbles here and there! Last but not least, I don’t why some can and some don’t but I see a lot of vids that are like an hour and more out there. I guess someone in the community can help you with that. Cheers

  3. It will be a grate shame if what you say actually has to happen Graham, I go back a lot of years, workshops etc. with you and what you have done for Bonsai is remarkable. Not without a mountain of teamwork by you all may i add. I hope you find an answer to your situation and things with Kaizen Bonsai can continue as before. I will continue to log in to your website to see how things progress with you in the future. Good luck.

  4. Don’t worry I have a plan. There is going to be a huge uplift in the quality of our vid’s and it won’t be involving YT in the same way. Trouble is everyone has become so used to accessing free content but from my point of view it’s a bit tough to give away a lifetimes experience and not get paid, especially when i don’t have a pension. What’s worse in when the content we make is ripped off without even being given credit. I have a plan to offer top quality free in depth video to CUSTOMERS only.

  5. One possible solution:- Why don’t you, Catherine, Sarah & Rammon form a small musical group and do your own soundtracks! perhaps you could call yourselves “The Bonsai Log Yew Bark Band” or have I heard that somewhere before?
    Sorry Graham, I’m a complete troglodyte when it comes to modern technology, it would be very sad to see one of your greatest assets to the business which can be accessed worldwide at the touch of a couple of keys, fail or be removed because of the inappropriate action of others.
    I hope someone out there can help.

  6. In looked at the DVD thing but to do what you suggest at current order volumes would cost me over £15,000 a year, That’s another member of staff I could pay for.
    The other thing I am looking into.

  7. It’s not the copyright issue I have a problem with. It’s the relentless ad’s and also getting our video ripped off and reposted with our id removed. YT make it really time consuming to have to report these parasites.

  8. Echoing what some of the people above say – these have been immensely useful to me. You learn something new every time you rewatch as well.

    On another note – it’s how I found out about your store where (in the words of my wife) I’ve spent far too much money 🙂 They’re a great advert for your business.

  9. Unfortunately, copyright issues are present everywhere, it is not YT to blame, as public service they need to respect what music owners want. I am not here to defend YT, just want to say that you will hardly find video service where music copyrights are overlooked. And it would be the shame if your videos just disappear, as you raised and encouraged many bonsai enthusiasts to start doing bonsai art. Maybe it would be easyer to accept that someone spent hours to create music (which is art), and they feel the same as you when you create your art. I did some videos myself and I use what you call “crapy” soundtracks that YT ofers for free, or others (a bit better) that are also free but ask you to put credits in the video description which is not hard thing to do. YT ofers thousands of those tracks and that solves copyright issues. I am to remote for you to try to edit your videos, hope you will find someone closer to you. Keep up the good work. You rocks! 🙂

  10. I miss your videos , they are very inspirational and informative . If there is any to post them on your blog that would be great , just a thought , have no idea how . good luck finding someone that’s up to the challenge . anticipation from the American Southwest .

  11. Thats why i moved all my video contents over to Vimeo it does cost each month but ive found it far better and far more professional and easier to use etc etc than YT

  12. Couple of ideas to run by you
    Burn the videos to DVD and give copies away free on each order ( Blank DVD cost less that 50 pence )
    Upload videos to Educational site like this one where there is no limit on the time length

  13. I don’t have the skills you need G , but i think you deserve a big hug ! right now , ( No strings attached ) lol Love’ the ” no crap ” style , it’s so refreshing to know where you stand these days ! Hope you find your man , or woman .. : )

  14. Whilst I can understand your frustrations, it is absolutely critical that the valuable resource of these videos continue to be available in some accessible form.
    These videos have been a great benefit to me over a number of years and, like a good text book, allow you to return for reference in progressing your own projects
    Unfortunately I do not personally have the skills to offer the professional assistance required, but would encourage anyone that does to come forward.
    Best of Luck!
    Glyn Hopping

  15. now that is one hell of a pitch Graham & at least if anyone takes you on they know where they stand. you sound just like a yorkshire man i know very well?

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