Now That’s FUNNY

I buy a lot of bonsai trees it’s about half of my day job, the other half is obviously selling them. If you have ever bought two hundred odd individual and different bonsai in an afternoon you will be only too aware of how one very much blends into another. I also tend to buy in job lots and that means there are items I want and others I do not but on balance the deal looks good. Often it’s not until I get the trees back home and start cataloguing them that I really know what I have got (or not).

I have been working through some trees this week and getting some new items up on the Kaizen Bonsai web site (many have sold already). Once I opened the pictures of this trident it became apparent I had dropped the proverbial. Please only leave rude comments 😉


18 thoughts on “Now That’s FUNNY

  1. So there I was, at one with nature (or so I thought) when I suddenly heard this camera shutter going off behind me.

  2. root over rock, root around rock, root in rock, rooting rock, rutting rock etc

  3. Think about it… Stuck in a pot for years on end… I’d imagine that rock would start looking pretty good… Wood be hard….to resist I mean.

  4. DEFRA raises concerns that epidemic use of ‘Legal Highs’ may be Polluting the Water Table….

    Kaizen Bonsai Caution against the use of Viagra as a Bonsai Supplement…

    Trials continue on new EU Standard Extra Safe Condom..

    (not sure if my last e-mail went Ok… Best R.

  5. ‘Trials continue on New EU Standard Extra Safe Condom..’

  6. I’ll say that Trident maple really seems to love that rock. Funny image to me.

  7. Graham you finally found a tree that is a metaphor for your views on life! You are the rock and the tree represents the bureaucracy, taxes, fees, rules and generally anything that’s a pain in the ass (pardon the pun) and stands in the way of progress and common sense for the small business man! That tree coming to you is a good sign! 2017 will be another record year!!! Take care!!

  8. We all love bonsai, but isn’t this taking it a bit too far. When Graham said fertilise it on a regular basis, I don’t think he meant to this extreme.

  9. Looks like it’s humping the rock!
    It’s not going to win any prizes.
    I guess you could air layer it at a push!
    I’ll give it a miss Graham,
    The Larch on the other hand is magnificent! 🙂

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