New Bonsai & Yamadori Stock 2017

If I say it’s been a busy few months around here I will begin to sound like a broken record, but what else can I say. Everyone is bugging me for new trees right now as spring is pretty much under way. Already this year we have had over 400 trees come in and there is a lot more to come yet. Getting all this lot cleaned potted and tidied up ready for sale is a simply staggering task not to mention the thousand to fifteen hundred plants we already had. Photographing, editing and posting plants onto the web site takes for ever in my fumbling hands and so I am about a decade behind where I need to be at this time of year. So just in case you thought we had lost interest here are a few random snaps taken around the garden this morning. All of these trees and a GREAT many more will be listed this summer……hopefully.


7 thoughts on “New Bonsai & Yamadori Stock 2017

  1. Dear Graham,
    The photo of nr.52 shows -I think- a pinus parviflora. My question is: would you sell
    the tree an what would be the price of it.
    Thank you very much for you kindness.
    Best regards,

    Rainer Berrer

  2. Hi Graham,
    A wonderful glimpse of trees to come!
    I am particularly interested in Satsuki azaleas and maples. Not much choice last year but I was a late comer to checking your website regularly. This new batch appears to include some choice maples, look forward to more details.
    I am extremely well satisfied with the Sabina juniper I obtained from you recently, I can’t imagine finding another with such a brilliant structure. It looks great from every viewpoint! Your Yamadori and trees are second to none and always fairly priced. Don’t envy cataloging new stock any chance of a younger member of the family (computer ‘wiz kid’) lending a hand?

  3. Absolutely amazing. I wish I could have most of them. I really want the maple. I think is Kiyohime. Then Oak, Pine and Bougainvillea. Well done Graham. Good choice.

  4. What I would dearly love to know is… how is your health? I know you were pushing yourself so very hard – are you just ok? Top of the Pops? Hanging by a thread?
    Look after yourself… Beautiful trees!

  5. I’m still trying to recover after seeing some of that glorious material, particularly like the look of the Acers – but everything looks amazing!
    Hope you’re in for a special year.

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