More New Bonsai Stock Arrived

Vito’s (R.I.P) replacement started work this week and his first job was a run out to collect some new stock. Here are the trees just as they arrived, weeds and all. An old collection of trees that needs a bit of TLC. Over the coming months we will be preparing these for sale and restoring them to their former glory. Most are not for sale at this time but a few will be appearing on the site later in the summer once we know how they are responding. If there is something you like please drop me an email.


10 thoughts on “More New Bonsai Stock Arrived

  1. Hi Graham love the new larch theylook fantastic can’t wait till they appear on your website

  2. Hello,
    very beautiful material. I’m seraching for larch, juniper, oak, olive, pine, rough material, to start from zero the work.
    If you have something to porpose, I will consider the purchase, from Italy.
    Best regards.

  3. Agree with Alex, it would be great to have the “before and after” pictures when you’ve had a play.
    Your articles and video’s are absolutely essential for people like me who, although confident, need a bit of expert advice occasionally.
    Thanks Graham.

  4. Hi Graham,
    The initiative to show new stock as it arrives is an excellent opportunity for prospective customers to declare interest in specific trees before they are ready for sale. If you could have a thick, large piece of light coloured card to hand when
    Photographing and prop it behind choice subjects even more information would be conveyed.
    Wonderful range of trees and Yamadori second to none!

  5. What an interesting bunch of trees. I particularly like the twin trunk maple and the rough bark in the last picture.

  6. Hi

    BTW: What was Vito replaced with?
    I just love a V8 with chrome exhausts and flames down the side!!

  7. Simply Beautiful I enjoy seeing what you do with Bonsai.Just beautiful

    Bob Nelson

    Ontario, Canada

  8. It would be great to turn on a camera while “restoring the trees to their old glory”. I am sure this would be restoring for you too… 🙂 And pleasing for us….

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