Strange Goings On!

So much for a holiday. This year for Christmas, as I do every year, I got a skip. I spent every waking hour battling the garden and digging a drain (as you do). How many people spent Christmas morning digging a hole? Then once we got back to work we had to deal with a literal avalanche of orders, over two hundred and fifty parcels went out in the first four days back. Finally last friday we got caught up and now we are all behind again after the weekend. Just for good measure we are now getting ready for the upcoming Noelanders exhibition following which I am away on buying trips, it’ll be summer before I get caught up! I need to find another member of staff but more wages means more price rises unless I can find someone who want’s to work for free to support the cause of UK Bonsai. Any volunteers?

Anyhow, I did get four hours doing something I really wanted over the holidays. There is something quite unusual growing in my poly tunnel amongst the recently worked trees. My garage is now full and as it turns out a poly tunnel makes a very nice spot for a bit of dirty work 😉 Trouble is I keep getting distracted between wiring and spannering, carving and welding.


5 thoughts on “Strange Goings On!

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  2. Hi Graham,
    I was wondering if the previous owner of the bike may have been Mike Hawthorn!

  3. Good luck at the Noelanders exhibition and thanks for the “fix” pictures you sent me. Hope you got to see the pics of my recently acquired Beech.
    Also, please bear in mind that I provide a long term caring service – so should you find yourself overwhelmed just send a few Bonsai down to my home address and I will look after them for the next 15 or 20 years.
    As I consider you and the team to be the best in Bonsai, there will be no charge for this service. 🙂

  4. I recently discovered your videos and your world thru Kaizen Bonsai. I have to say you have a passion for bonsai and I wish I could jump on a plane and work for you free (in exchange for some training in the carving,etc.). I love what mother nature can offer us and wish we could preserve every bit of it; but sadly humans are a distructive bunch. I also wish media and humans would not classify any K9 breed as bully breed or otherwise. I love animals and as a vet technician have been bit on occasion by various breeds……I do not fault the dog but generally the human for the problems. Humans are the reason we have so many homeless and unwanted animals.

  5. Nice trees and sweet ride! Maybe someday I will get there to say hello, I have no problem getting dirty and digging! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing the pics and have a good week!
    Como, North Carolina

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