Our Christmas Tree

I took half a day off, now it’s back to work!

Just finished off this sweet little juniper that Ramon got wired a few days ago. It’s been for sale on the web site for a while now without a single murmur of interest. We cut a large branch away and the deadwood was cleaned by hand. No carving on this one and no wire over 2mm. It’s entirely beyond me why folk don’t buy these beautiful trees. In my opinion this is the pinnacle of bonsai. A stunningly beautiful tree with very little human intervention, that’s as good as it gets. Out of respect I will refrain from putting the lights on it but Christmas trees don’t come more beautiful than this, do they?

Just in case you were wondering what we did with our afternoon off Catherine bought me a present (last picture), she’s wrapping it up now :-))) Sarah reckons i am having a mid-life crisis. At my age you just have to ‘go for it’. Who knows how long we have left right?

Have a very happy Christmas.


IMG_0165 IMG_0180

A little festive cheer for those who need it.

A little festive cheer for those who need it.

Gotta love my wife!

Gotta love my wife!

11 thoughts on “Our Christmas Tree

  1. 50 pairs of socks is great — but what do you do for the other 2 weeks of the year…. ah – holiday flip flops I guess…

  2. Beautiful tree, beautiful bike. All you need now is a picture of that grinning skull on the back of you jacket.
    Yarmouth angels beware!

  3. Hi Dave.
    I got that whole sock thing sorted. We work all the time and laundry is a bit hit and miss. I always had odd socks and I hate wearing odd socks, makes me feel lop sided all day. I went to M&S and bought 50 pairs of the exact same socks. Now I have no odd pairs and always plenty in the draw :-))))))))

  4. Thank you for your festive message 🙂

    That is a beautiful Chrsitmas tree, and a great bike picture.

    I hope and your family have a great Christmas and come back ready for the adventure that 2016 promises.

    Simon 🙂

  5. kid in a sweet shop comes to mind graham,go for it mate,have a good un,that beast looks awesome,the trees not not bad either

  6. Wow wat a bike its fantastic
    Almost a clasic bobber you lucky lucky bugger
    It Beats socks
    All the best and thankyou for a good year off blogs and bonsi

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