My Favourite Things – New Delivery

There are two things in life I really love. Big V8 engines and Scots pines. Ying and Yang, perfect balance. This morning we took delivery of some awesome scotties and as I sit here now all I can see out of the window is my favourite things 🙂


The truck isn’t for sale but the pines are (mostly). As I get these sorted out I will be adding them to the web site. There are some very impressive BIG trees amongst this lot. I am looking forward to getting to grips with them.


IMG_0099 IMG_0100 IMG_0098 IMG_0101 IMG_0105 IMG_0104 IMG_0103 IMG_0096

6 thoughts on “My Favourite Things – New Delivery

  1. Wow these look soooooo awesome, would love to work on material that good !
    shame my fiancé has my Christmas present already sorted 🙁
    But on an up note she said maybe next year 😉
    Have a treemendouse Christmas Kaizen.

  2. Hi there, came across you when frantically scouring bonsai sites for a little advice. I have just one bonsai, a gift. Had it for exactly one year. It is an evergreen pine type, not sure 100% as fits description of some juniper and fir. Im in Australia in temperate climate, lots of sun. So my dilema, have not changed anything about the way I care for it, not overwatering (but not sure what that looks like as soil always seems dry due to only 3-4 cm depth) I move it out of blazing sun at times if over 100 deg and were out. Move it out of major storm at times too. Nothing different for a whole year then 4 weeks ago it looked yellowing on one side, the overhang narrowest bit. Googled but came up with dont over water. Still confusing as watered every day for a year but soil always quite dry. Yellowing progressively worsened and now looks pretty pale, still some green but not vibrant. Needles are hard and spikey now. Tried giving it a soak for half hour in dish, also removed decorative stones on top as google said. This was a few days ago. Are you able to suggest anything else? Its smallish pot is apprpx 25 cm wide. Thank ypu so much. Kind regards, Sharon 🙂

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