Show Demo’ Result & My New Nose

Apparently the “Bonsai Group, Enfield” now have to be referred to as “North London Bonsai Group. What ever you call them they can put on a good show. I like this event it’s small enough to be a friendly accessible affair but still manages to maintain a good quality standard. Unfortunately I was way too busy talking nonsense and working to have a chance to take any pic’s of the exhibits to show you.

The demo’ tree I put up last week came out Ok for a three hour session. A short stint is always a challenge to get a significant result but overall this chopped off cupressus made a good step forward I think. Sincere thanks to everyone for their kind comments and encouragement. I expect we will be back again next year.

Heathrow show next…..


Nose art is result of fighting my dog. He gets me every time ;-)

Nose art is result of fighting my dog. He gets me every time 😉

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7 thoughts on “Show Demo’ Result & My New Nose

  1. I’m aspiring to learn bonsai, and find your demonstrations to be incredibly useful. I really like your film style and explanations, enough that I feel compelled to let you know. Btw, I’m in Northern Ca, U.S., where many amazing trees occur, I think you would like them.


  2. Graham, once again thanks for your support at our club show this year. We had many comments from people on how good the demonstration was and the proof is in the pudding.
    You are an inspiration to us all.

  3. Yes a good demo.I came backwards and forwards several times during the day to watch the progress.From the start I could not see how the finished article would be I only wish I had the foresight to develop the tree as Graham did.Will be a nice tree once the foliage has filled out.

  4. I did enjoy the Enfield show very much (though it took me three hours to get from Cambridge to the exhibition by train and bus). I had some very good conversations with people, learned more about growing my own bonsais, adn was even able to buy a book and a pot, together for £5. I am now looking forward to the next bonsai show.

    Sorry that I missed your presentation, Graham, as i only arrived at 2.30 pm. I saw you from afare, and hope to talk to you in person next time.

  5. Looks good Graham in 3 hours what a transformation with the carving and styling hope my little Cryptomeria turns out as well.
    Peter from Wales.

  6. As always, Graham, your carving skills are artistry. Again created something from discussable material. Looks pretty nice. Congrats. Oh, and no video?

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