Enfield Bonsai Show Demo’ Material

This coming Sunday (4th October) we will be at the Enfield Bonsai Group’s autumn show. I got my arm twisted a bit and will be presenting a demonstration over the day. I thought it would be interesting to let y’awl see the material we will be bringing. This Italian cypress has been cluttering up the place for a few years now and seeing as nobody had the stones to get into it I figured it might make for an interesting project. I have a rough idea how to take this forward, after all it’s a stump with some branches as is the way with bonsai material. I have about four hours to get this done so no pressure then 🙂

This event is a really good friendly little affair and you should make the effort to be there!


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9 thoughts on “Enfield Bonsai Show Demo’ Material

  1. It’s complicated.
    First I got very fed up with the barrage of abuse, pissing and moaning and very negative comments a great deal of folk were making. Rammon and I gave two years of our lives to do all those and gave them away for free only to get my inbox filled with hate mail, it’s hard to believe but a lot of what we received was filled with vitriol and hate. This severely dented my confidence.

    Secondly we just got too dammed busy. We are doing 12 hour days minimum and are having a job keeping up a lot of the time. Couple that with ever reducing margins on our products and insanely spiralling costs and we just can’t afford to give up 10 days to make videos that don’t generate any income. If you would like to send me a weeks wages for Rammon maybe that would help ;-))

    It’s frustrating for me because we have a whole host of simply spectacular material here not being offered for sale and not being worked either.

    Finally I got back into old bikes and cars and that is causing me way less grief because i didn’t share it with anyone else.

  2. Graham,

    What happened to the great great inspirational demo videos which we have followed and anticipated eagerly.
    Please starting making them again!!??

    Monday from Dubai

  3. Be awesome if you made a video of the demo, i live in South Africa so i only get to see you in action on you tube.

  4. It is no doubt you will make a great presentation, I am sure of that. I hope that I speak fo everyone if I say: please, make a video of this demonstration, we would like to see you in action once again. Keep up 🙂

  5. Looks an amazing piece, good luck with the demo. Please post photo’s back for those who can’t make it to the show….. 🙂

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