Demo’ Dates Coming Up

Persuading me to leave home isn’t easy these days. I like it here and have everything I need. Just the thought of getting on a congested motorway brings me out all maudlin. However a couple of folk have been quite persuasive and there are a couple of trips coming up.

I will be at The Bonsai Group Enfield Tuesday 23 June. I will be discussing and demonstrating the process of styling a tree in relation to exactly how we decide what to do and what to put where.

Just a week later, 1 July, I will be at Bedfordshire Bonsai Society looking at the process of developing deciduous trees. This will be an interesting evening and will challenge a lot of what we think we know about the subject.

18 July I will be at the Ipswich Bonsai Club annual show at Bypass Nurseries during the morning. I went to this event last year and it was a very nice set up with some good bonsai on display. I will judging during the morning.

Please support these events if you can, folk put a lot of effort in to make them happen.


P.S A couple of cool pic’s worth sharing.IMG_5466 IMG_5472

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  1. Now then G, if you try to tell us that you carved the tree in the second photo with your Makita GD0600 and a termite, we might have difficulty believing you. LOL.

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