Bonsai from a Stump.

Sometimes I get a little frustrated because we have a lot of raw material laying about on our nursery and no time to work it. It’s a sad fact that in general bonsai folk don’t buy raw material and prefer styled or part worked trees. Good for us because part worked trees fetch a higher price and I do understand that sometimes figuring out what to do with this stuff can be tough. If you have a go you can fail but then again if you don’t even try then it’s a guaranteed fail. My advantage is that if I don’t sell these trees I go broke and end up living in my old van.

This old olive stump has been here for three or four years now and nobody has even given it a second glance. We managed to find a couple of hours so I broke out the carving tools. Once that was done Rammon attended to the green bits. Now I have to go and find a larger price tag 😉


P1150287 P1150288 P1150285 P1150289 P1150317

3 thoughts on “Bonsai from a Stump.

  1. I would love to get my hands on raw material like this.
    Are you open to the public or is it by appointment only would love to come and look around.

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