New Bonsai Video Coming Soon.

I am constantly being asked for new videos. We have been far too busy for months now to do much more than keep on top of the watering. However a quiet few days have enabled us to start on a new feature. Just to whet your appetite here is a pic’ of the tree we are working on. Hopefully we can have this ready for you to see in the next couple of weeks 😉



3 thoughts on “New Bonsai Video Coming Soon.

  1. Mr. Graham,
    Can you give me some general advice on how to approach local landscapers?
    What would be a fair offer for them to “half ass carefully” dig shrubs they remove?
    i do own near twenty acres of rural land which the shrubs/trees could be healed in, as my schedule allows. Although i would not like to have a fortune in the material.

    thanks love the video,
    you provide much inspiration.
    Kevin Allison
    Carolinas USA

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