We’re Like A Cow’s Arse.

It happens every year and this one in no exception. A few warm days and everyone gets outside to take a look at their winter weary bonsai. We can predict the plethora of orders that follow but this year we have been a little overwhelmed. As a result our normal speedy delivery times are getting a little protracted. Just now for every order we ship two more arrive. The result is a stack of orders big enough to choke a donkey. So please accept my apologies for any delays you may be experiencing just now we are running a couple of days behind. Even I have been packing parcels this week and poor Rammon has worn his legs down to stumps trying to keep up. Next week I have extra hands arriving and so hopefully normal service will be resumed.

I am a little overwhelmed by everyones support and would like to say a sincere thank you for your patronage.

Behing the scenes we are preparing hundreds of new trees for the coming season. Here is a stunning maple I was working on yesterday……


P.S Cow’s arse? All behind!

P1120310 P1120311

3 thoughts on “We’re Like A Cow’s Arse.

  1. The tree was rooted into the wood. It took a bit of surgery to get everything separated. Wood’s a bad idea. Sorry the workshops booked with a waiting list :-((

  2. What I find scary is that such an awesome maple was not even worthy of a training pot at that point. I think perhaps I should order timber not pots for at least the next twenty years lol… and are you fully booked for the 30th march?

  3. A bit like the grocer who sat on the bacon slicer and got a little behind in his orders.

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