Incredible root development with Kaizen Bonsai Soils

Kaizen Bonsai have spent years developing some very unique soil mixes. These help produce bonsai in double quick time. Our soil mixes encourage profuse rooting which in turn produces exceptional top growth.

Today we re-potted a hawthorn collected two years ago. This is a very old tree collected from a dying hedgerow. When we potted it two years ago it only had a teaspoon of root.

The tree was planted in a deep pot in our No1 Bonsai soil mix.

After just two years LOOK AT ALL THOSE ROOTS!

Two years ago this tree had no roots and no branches. A combination of good soil and good fertilizer (Green Dream) have put this ailing tree on the road to becoming bonsai.



8 thoughts on “Incredible root development with Kaizen Bonsai Soils

  1. Try starting with something a little less ambitious to gain experience. It can take many years to master collecting old trees.

  2. My friends and I tried collecting Utah Juniper in Nevada. Of the 9 trees that we collected, none survived after being moved to Dallas, Texas. They were collected with large root balls and planted in APL. They were protected from the wind and direct sunlight, and placed under a light mist system. It was interesting to notice that those with the poorest root balls or broken root balls seemed to survive the longest. If we try again, we will do a better job immobilizing trees and likely plant in 100% pumice. I would be interested in knowing if you have any success. We still mourn the loss of those trees, they had amazing dead wood. I guess it is difficult to expect anything growing at 8000 ft. with cool summer nights to transplant well to Dallas.

  3. Graham, Im using a product called voodoo juice by advanced nutrients. I collected some utah junipers from Nevada, here in the states. I didn’t get many roots at all it was very tough rocky soil. The trunk on this particular one is about 11.5 cm across, i dug down as far as i could and got a few fine roots. Worried it would not live i made some razor cuts on the bottom of the trunk and used a strong rooting hormone called Vita Grow by American agriculture. I then used the voodoo juice to create a bacteria around the existing roots and help the roots that will hopefully come from those razor cuts. What do you think, does it sound good or would you recommend something different to get roots to sprout off a thick trunk like that. Thanks for your time

  4. Hey Graham!

    Hanging out for the next installment of your bonsai vids! How much longer do we have to wait? 🙂

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