Shipping large trees.

Today I had to part company with a very beautiful mugo pine. It’s off to the far side of Europe and I am sad to see him go 🙁

Our large trees are shipped by road to anywhere within the EU.

This one will be on the road for about 6 days.

Labelled up and now all we need is a truck!


One thought on “Shipping large trees.

  1. last year was bad due to lack of work…and had to get rid of several trees….. most of my tiny collection in fact………i thought it was sad when bambi`s mum got shot in the film when i was 5….or watching England play in the world cup..its nothing compared to watching a tree go!!!!!!! Cheer up though Graham…..think of it like this…you`re like an Ent……you`re a treeherder!!!!

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