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Dried Sphagnum Moss


Quick Overview

  • Dried sphagnum moss for propagating and air layering

  • Can be chopped finely and mixed with soil to aid moisture retention

  • Clean and almost entirely free of twigs and leaves.

  • Soak overnight prior to use.

Dried Sphagnum Moss

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Sphagnum moss seems to have many mythical and healing properties as far as plants are concerned. Horticultralists and bonsai enthusiasts alike swear by it's powers in helping plants to survive the ordeals we impose upon them.
Harvested from a renewable source this dried moss is completely clean and free of twigs, leaves or bugs. Simply soak in water overnight and use for air layers, mixing with compost, covering the soil surface of recently re-potted trees to conserve moisture, striking cuttings or lining hanging baskets etc'. Holds about 20 times it's own weight of water.
Can be used as a propagating medium for cutting or seeds. Simply pack pre soaked moss into a plug tray and insert cuttings. For seeds, make a small hole, insert your seed and press to cover.
For air layers we recommend soaking in a ROOT SAFE solution before use.

To prepare for use simply pull the block apart into a bucket and cover with water overnight. Place a sieve over the bucket and flip over to allow excess water to drain.
Approximately 150g dry weight.
Packaging may vary.

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